Thursday, September 29, 2016

I give myself the title of Ego-Balancer. This after taking back notes that remind my boss of things he does not do, but will justify or feign wounding.

The position also requires that I remind others of their effectiveness and bolster their courage as they enter difficult terrain. The balance comes with also being the one to remind them they need others, or more training so as not to get pummeled on the road ahead.

I take my roles seriously and yet realize that I myself require a boost, a nudge and some days a full blown maniacal day to think I am on top of the world.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Offer

My son and his wife were putting an offer to purchase a home the other night. While they waited and explained the market to us we recounted our tales, to which he implied it was so long ago it wasn't really applicable. He laughed as though to kid, but I could see he meant it. That is how he viewed us, as we had viewed our parents. It didn't feel that long ago that we were getting married. I can remember little details of our lives as though they happened last month. The taste of the apples from our tree the first year brought me a thrill of "adulting." My control-freak days of walking through a list of household things to do that I believed was adulting to. We have been through changes: houses, births, sickness, deaths, graduations, hair styles. Yet, I feel that same 21 year old on the inside. Seeing me in my son's eyes made me revolt. I am still applicable, relevant and damn it, I have more adulting to do. So with tea in hand, I embark on a new venture with words.